Manicure Services

Manicure Services with Sunshine Nail & Spa

If you are looking for a beautiful manicure to match your outfit of the day, look no further than Sunshine Nail & Spa! We are the only store that offers Gel X in the area. Gel X is a new & healthy method of lengthening your nails. It promotes nail growth, and it's less damaging to your natural nails. It can last 3-5 weeks (depending on personal nail care). Moreover, there are no odors or harsh chemicals used during the process. It's strong, like acrylic nails but extremely lightweight. Our nail technicians can provide you with a high-quality polish tailored to your desire and style. We also offer shellac nails, luxury nails, acrylic fills, and pedicure services. We always provide complete customer satisfaction. Visit Sunshine Nail & Spa today for quality nail services.